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Security Grilles for your home, shop or office from our team in Sheffield

Security grilles allow you to gain high levels of security while at the same time maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look to your property. This product is a very unobtrusive crime prevention barrier which is widely used in offices and homes throughout the UK.

The metal grilles are made from steel sections which are joined together in a way which allows the steel grilles to slide out of sight either behind blinds or curtains.

Sliding grilles give maximum light penetration into any area during the day, and at night very simply the gates can be pulled together and locked.

The strength of the rolling grilles have been tested against attack and have achieved fantastic results. So for a simple, cost effective solution for protecting your windows from break-ins, get your made to measure security grilles from Sheffield's specialists.

Sheffield's Security Grilles Specialists offer:

  • Security grilles
  • Metal grilles
  • Steel grilles
  • Sliding grilles
  • Rolling grilles


Quality Security Grilles

All our quality grilles are made to measure and are suitable for various applications from windows to doors or just to partition your business off. These are made from the highest quality steel and can be bi parting or bunch to one side dependant on size. These come in a choice of different RAL colours and lattice styles as proffered, We also have options for you to have a removable bottom track to prevent any trip hazards or fixed bottom tracks.

All our grilles come with multi point security locking systems as standard

We offer repairs service and installation on all types of grilles if you require a free site survey or quotation please contact 01709 252401-527508

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